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Here are the seven Twilight Storytellers mini movies about events that happened before Edward met Bella in Twilight.
These stories are considered canon by Stephenie Meyers.

CRYSTAL BELL 07/14/2015
Bella and Edward Cullen's story may be over (for now, at least), but that doesn't mean "Twilight" is

Last year, Stephenie Meyer, the bestselling author behind the "Twilight Saga," announced a new,

exciting project for Twihards and emerging female filmmakers alike: "The Storytellers: New Voices of

the Twilight Saga." The competition gave seven female filmmakers and eight female screenwriters -- each

hand-picked by Lionsgate, Meyer and a kickass council that included Kristen Stewart (NBD) -- the chance

to create their own story within the captivating world of "Twilight."


Now, the mini-movies have finally made their  and they're truly spectacular. They're also dark and

twisty -- just like their source material. Don't worry, shippers: there's something for you, too. Don't

forget to vote for your favorite mini-flick
"The Groundskeeper"
Written by Sarah Turi Boshear; directed by Nicole Eckenroad.
Part action flick, part bloody Western, this mini-movie follows Alice and her fearless confidante, only

known as the Groundskeeper, as they grapple with the grave choices they are forced to make when a

unique kind of hunter has Alice in his sights.
Written by Alanna Smith; directed by Amanda Tasse.
Terrified that his own magical power has caused so much harm, Benjamin turns away from the world.

"Sunrise" details Benjamin's return to his human roots, where he can no longer hide from the girl that

stole his heart long ago. Yep, this has epic vampire romance written all over it. This short shows us

the origins of Benjamin and Tia's little-known love story.
Written and directed by Lindsey Hancock Williamson.
Set against the backdrop of the American Revolution, "Turncoats" explores the trying events that forged

Garrett and Carlisle's lasting friendship.
"The Mary Alice Brandon File"
Written and directed by Kailey and Sam Spear.
Perhaps the darkest of the bunch, this moody Gothic drama reveals the story of Alice's tragic past --

and the origin of her resilient spirit.
Written by Cullyn Doerfler and Megan L. Reese; directed by Maja Fernqvist.
Young twins Jane and Alec were always special, but their specialness leads to terrible consequences --

that is until a mysterious stranger named Aro comes along and takes an unusual interest in them.
"We’ve Met Before"
Written by Thea Green; directed by Yulin Kuang.
Shippers, rejoice! Fall in love with Alice and Jasper all over again with this sweet story that recalls

the moment Alice and Jasper meet for the first time...or so it would seem. As the conversation evolves,

the history of their true and everlasting love is revealed. We're already swooning.
Directed by Cate Carson.
After her transformation, Esme struggles to overcome her craving for human blood as painful memories

from her tragedy-ridden past haunt her. But with Carlisle Cullen by her side, she's able to find hope

for the future. You might want to pay close attention to this one because there's a Edward shout-out

you don't want to miss.



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